Ok the first couple days went well.   I get to learn new things on this job but at the same time take alot of what I already know and bring it to this position.  I still feel the "odd man" out, I hope that changes soon.  I don't need to be buddy buddy but part of the team.. that would be good.  It is nice to have 2 three days weekends in a row!   I have to say I still miss my old job.  My first personal goal is to organize email.  My last job I had a HUGE in box and never made files.  I am still trying to figure out the best system, but do plan to.. take action right away.   File it, if done, thrash it if junk, I did make an informational folder for items that dont need action but I may want to come back to.  So the Inbox is purely action emails and it is my goal to keep that inbox small!  I think this week should be slow, but that is good when starting out.   If anyone has any suggestions on inbox filing, feel free to share them below.   I am not sure how I am going to handle an email from a co worker, but it is also a client related email.   Probably under the client name.

Rambling off for now!  Have a happy holidays.

I am a long time reader of the blogs and have enjoyed the advice, tips and all that has been shared.  I just started a new job and during the day it has occured to me that I think about some of the many articles and pieces of information I have seen on DeskDemon.   So, I thought it would be good to chronicle my new job journey.  I am a private person and have no wish or urge to get in trouble, so ALL names will be be changed, no mention or talk of companies unless a very generic way, but the gist or over all message will stay true. 

I can start out by saying, I think any first day in a company you feel like an outsider.  Everyone around you laughs, talk between each other and are nice, but for "me,"  I felt a bit out of my comfort zone.  Change is hard.  I was in my last position for many, many years and loved it.  But like many others the economy hit us hard.  I went in this position not really wanting "change" but change is inevitable to everyone.   You just have to work with what is given to you in life.   Tomorrow I get my computer, get to do (I am sure) tons of paper work and hopefully can start jumping into the work load.  Much of the first day was spent as down time.  It just felt... wrong to not be busy!  I will share more of my "new job" experiences soon.  We will see how many names I remember tomorrow.