Ok the first couple days went well.   I get to learn new things on this job but at the same time take alot of what I already know and bring it to this position.  I still feel the "odd man" out, I hope that changes soon.  I don't need to be buddy buddy but part of the team.. that would be good.  It is nice to have 2 three days weekends in a row!   I have to say I still miss my old job.  My first personal goal is to organize email.  My last job I had a HUGE in box and never made files.  I am still trying to figure out the best system, but do plan to.. take action right away.   File it, if done, thrash it if junk, I did make an informational folder for items that dont need action but I may want to come back to.  So the Inbox is purely action emails and it is my goal to keep that inbox small!  I think this week should be slow, but that is good when starting out.   If anyone has any suggestions on inbox filing, feel free to share them below.   I am not sure how I am going to handle an email from a co worker, but it is also a client related email.   Probably under the client name.

Rambling off for now!  Have a happy holidays.

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