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Win a luxury eco-holiday and bring clean water to people who need it with Kenco.
Kenco Clean Water

Here's a chance to try something new...checking-in to your own treehouse in the Dordogne, or a charming Spanish yurt, or a romantic Devon houseboat.

Kenco are giving away a fabulous eco-holiday every month until the end of the year. To enter and for full T&C's, visit kenco.co.uk/cleanwater

Make every point count
And that's not all. Many South American families have to trek for hours to get clean water. Help Kenco help them by joining Kenco Rewards Club and donating your points to the cause. With every point you donate ten glasses of clean water will go to them.


  Working With a Boss That Doesn't Say Much

As introvert leaders go, most of them will have things to say and direction to give but occasionally you will run across one that has little to say. In fact, getting them to say much at all is a major challenge.


  How to Write a Press Release

So, you've been asked to write a Press Release - but where do you start? Here Christine Todd gives you some pointers. Why not practice, so it becomes another skill you've got and an additional nugget to add to your CV.


  Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Meeting Venue
Have you ever considered how the venue you select for your business meeting will affect its success? Choosing the perfect venue to conduct your business can have a great positive impact on your guests, whether your own staff or important guests. 


  PA and VA - Diary Dates 2014

If you want to expand your network and improve your networking skills, here are some PA and VA events taking place this year all over the country.

To add your event here - it's free! - please email editor@deskdemon.com with the details.



Do you wake Monday morning and dread the fact that you have to go into the office for your "job"? Do you count the weeks until your next holiday? Did you stop and buy a lottery ticket - hoping that you will be the one in a million that wins?!? The reality is that you need to work and you need to pay the bills. So you get dressed, get the kids off to school, and hope that Friday comes quickly!
Read more here.

  Tips To Changing Careers At 50

In Dr Lynda Shaw's previous article - Setting Up Your Own Business in Your 50s - Dr Shaw looked at how being in your 50s is an ideal time to think about setting up your own business. Here are some tips that may also help:



Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) are costing UK businesses £7.4 billion a year through absenteeism and an estimated £15 billion a year in presenteeism – people at work, but working less productively due to a MSD.

Top 10 reasons to keep moving are:
Read more here.

Your problems answered by our expert PAnel.
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A-Z Pearls of Wisdom - L


A-Z Pearls of Wisdom L is for... Listening with your whole body

Listening is the key to creating and maintaining rapport and the great working relationship that we all want with our manager and team.

Previous Pearls : A B C D E F G H I J K

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7 Smooth-Sailing Tips for People Who Want a Job or Career Change
If you are one of those many people stuck with a job that you don't like, then, it is time to think about a career or job change. No time is bad time to change job or career, but sticking to a job you don't like is really bad. The earlier you get out of it, the better it is for you.  more…

How to be Confident at Work
In our modern world, confidence is an essential attribute to being happy and successful. By having confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will approach life with enthusiasm and optimism, knowing that you can do and be anything you choose. more…

Be More Creative and Productive - Don't Slam the Door on Your Ideas
How many times have you had an idea, but slammed the door on it saying, "That won't work" or "That's crazy"? As children, we were taught and actually encouraged to be creative. Strangely enough, as we continue through the educational process, creativity becomes discouraged. We are encouraged to "think outside of the box," as long as we remain enclosed in a "larger box." (By the "larger box," I mean the box where we are not to " rock the boat," "question the status quo," etc.) more…

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