Amazon Kindle 2 Vs Sony Reader PRS-700 Smackdown
ByTracey A Edwards

The two hottest ebook readers on the market right now would have to be the Amazon Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader PRS-700. So it's time to bring them both into the ring and find out once and for all who is the ebook reader champion. Let's look at how they compare:

Round 1: Size

Don't believe the old saying that it's not the size that matters, because in the case of ebooks, size is everything. It's a hard balance but you want your reader to have a big enough screen to read books properly but small enough so you can carry it around with you. When it comes to the Sony Reader PRS-700 and the Amazon Kindle 2 there isn't much of a difference in physical size so in this round they are pretty equal.

Winner: Equal

Round 2: Storage Capacity

On the fact of things, the Kindle 2 looks like it has this round in the bag - it can hold up to 1,500 books with its 2G of internal memory whereas the Sony Reader only has 245mb. However don't underestimate the Sony Reader because it has the ability to support up to 16G of external memory (you can keep your library on a memory stick instead of on your machine). But we still prefer the Kindle when it comes to storage since you don't need any extra memory sticks or gadgets to store your books.

Winner: Amazon Kindle 2

Round 3: File Formats Supported

Both electronic ebook devices support the usual suspects: TXT, MP3, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP and each device has its own unique formats as well. But the format that most people have been wanting is full PDF support. The Sony Reader 700 has this, the Kindle 2 does not. Now to be fair, you can get your PDF documents converted into a readable format by sending your files to Amazon first but it's clear that Sony has the advantage in this round.

Winner: Sony Reader PRS700

Final Round: Display

Both devices use the same e-ink technology which claims to produce a real 'book like' reading experience on screen. However the Kindle 2 contains 16 shades of grey compared to Sony's 8 shades which produces a much clearer and crisper text for reading and also displays images much better. It is most noticeable when reading newspapers or magazines on your ebook reader.

Winner: Amazon Kindle 2

So what's our overall verdict? Well in the Amazon Kindle 2 vs Sony Reader PRS-700 Smackdown we have named the []Kindle 2 our favourite and the winner of this competition. You can read more about the []Kindle Reader here.