How to add an EssentialsDesk Listing 


The Essentials Desk is DeskDemon’s business directory.  We will be adding listings worldwide, but YOU can add your favorite vendors.  If you have our own business, you can list your services for free.  If you know a company or service that you feel is top notch and you would recommend to your peers, feel free to post their information.  


1.       You must be registered and Logged on

2.       Go to the drop down menu My Apps

3.       Drop down to Manage Listings

4.       Click on Add New Listing

5.       Choose your category

6.       Add the company

7.       Enter any tags or keywords to find the organization.   If you are a local company, make sure you add your city so people may refine the search.

8.       Enter the telephone number

9.       Enter the Email

10.   Enter the website address.  Please note that you MUST use the complete html code  site name

11.   Finish filling out the company information and hit “Save Listing

12.   (Highly suggested) Add a photo to your entry.


Your entry is now listed.