By Garima Oberoi

Looking to purchase a tablet PC? A tablet personal computer is similar to a laptop PC and is outfitted with a touch screen that can be controlled with a stylus or a digital pen. You can even use your finger to control a tablet PC. You do not require a mouse or a keyboard to work with a tablet personal computer as opposed to a conventional desktop PC. Moreover, tablets offer greater mobility and are much simple to operate than laptops.

There are many different types of tablet personal computers available today. Some of the common types include:

Slate Tablet PC

A slate tablet personal computer looks quite similar to a writing slate and they also do not have a keyboard attached to them. In this kind of PC, all users have to do is input data either through handwriting recognition, finger touch or stylus. You even have the option of connecting external keyboards through wireless connectivity or through the USB port. Industries requiring lots of mobility generally use slate tablets today. These industries include the education industry, health care industry, manufacturing industry, etc. The good thing about slate tablet PCs is that they are created to withstand extreme conditions such as humidity, heat and even impact from accidental dropping.

Convertible Tablets

Another common type of tablet computer available today is the convertible tablet PC. These are quite similar in appearance to laptops, except the fact that the display screen can be rotated at 180º as it is attached to the base of the PC. Convertible tablets are widely used across the world because they offer the advantage of using a keyboard and also a stylus or a digital pen.

Booklet Tablets

These are twin screen computers and the name is derived from the fact that they can be opened like a book. Booklet tablets are built with digital pen as well as touch detection abilities and these can be used for a number of purposes including watching TV on the internet, internet browsing, e-reading, etc.

Hybrid Tablet PC

Another type of tablet personal computer is known as the hybrid tablet PC. This type of PC incorporates the functionality of both the convertible as well as the slate tablet computer. They act as a convertible tablet when the keyboard and affixed and act as a slate tablet when the keyboard is removed.

These are four of the common types of tablet PCs that can be purchased today.

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