How to create a content page.

1.  Go to the drop down menu My Apps

2.  Drop down to My Pages

3.  Click on Create New Page

4.  Choose the category of your topic in Page Type*

5.  Hit Next

6.  Enter the title for your content.

7.  Choose your page layout.  (you can change the layout later)

8.  Choose your Page Category from the drop down list.

9.  At this point you should have your format in the screen with four options above the title:
     Page Editor | Quick Design |  Edit Page | View Page

10. Click on Page Editor

11. At the top of the screen you 4 new boxes appear:

      Layout   Widgets   Blocks    Save

      Layout will give you the option to change the current layout.

      At the time we do not have any widgets to work with, check back for updates.

      Blocks are the next step to building your page.

12. Click on the block tab and 5 modules will appear.  You are able to click and drag down these modules to your current layout.  You can create your page anyway you wish using these modules.

13. Once dropped in place, click on the upper right corner of each module to edit each module. 

14. The HTML box has many of the normal options, you an bold, indent, format, create cells and edit your format as you wish.

15. Hit save in the HTML box to save your content.

16. You can go back and change your content any time.

* Your content is subject to approval.  Your document should be approved within 48 - 72 hours (M-F).  Our editiors have the option to correct any spelling and grammar errors to your content.