Category: Etiquette

Some workplaces do not have strict rules for etiquette. Others have myriad rules that you may feel govern every aspect of your life from how you answer the phone to the soap you wash your face with in the morning. While workplaces with extremely strict behavior policies can be frustrating, most of the time you simply will have to learn to live with it if you want to succeed in that environment. Fortunately, you do not have to bring your workplace's stringent rules home with you, which should help you continue to work within workplace etiquette while you are at work.

One of the most important things to remember about workplace etiquette is that it is in place so that people can work together more effectively. Is it always effective in this endeavor? Well, not necessarily. However, it is something that you have to learn to live with, so go ahead and adopt a tolerant attitude if you are required to answer the phone with something ridiculous (my personal favorite was "It's a beautiful sunny day at _____ Apartments!" even if there were tornados right outside the window) or mark your location every time you leave your desk for more than 30 seconds to use the restroom. The ability to laugh about the apparently "silly" requirements will help prevent you from obsessing about them or getting angry every time you have to do them.

Next, remember that work etiquette stays at work. When you walk out the door, you are free! That means that you should not spend a lot of time at home complaining about work etiquette at home, when you can do basically whatever you please. Make the most of your "me time" and your family time by focusing on yourself and your family. This will also help relieve frustration that you may feel about work etiquette and also help keep your family from resenting your work issues and even your job every bit as much as you do.

Dealing with seemingly crazy workplace etiquette can be difficult. However, as long as you work in that place, you likely will have to learn to adapt. Drawing a clear line between your professional and personal life will help you work within workplace etiquette without losing your cool in the office.