Category: Soft Skills

We've all been at work and had one of those moments where you just want to lay your head down on the desk and cry. No matter how much you love your job, sometimes it can feel like too much. While you are going to have a "manic Monday" every once in a while no matter how well you plan, you can use these tips and tricks to get ahead and work and make sure that your workdays run as smoothly as possible

Set Deadlines for Your Deadlines
If you know that something is due in two weeks, put it on your calendar as due in a week and a half. This will help you delegate your time so that if there are last-minute changes or emergencies, you have the time left over to deal with them. 

Designate Time to Check Email
Some studies indicate that it takes up to 30 minutes after checking email for your focus to return completely. Check it only a few times per day unless your job dictates otherwise, and the rest of the time, close that browser window and let yourself work!

Work as Long as Possible Before Lunch
Most peoples' productivity is cut literally in half after lunch. So while it is tempting to have that break as soon as possible, if you can snack at your desk and push your actual lunch hour as late as 2pm you could dramatically increase your productivity and focus for an additional 2 hours

By following these tips you will find that your workday runs more smoothly and is far more rewarding than ever before!

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